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335 West Ann Street
Ann Arbor, MI, 48104
United States

Threads All Arts Festival




12:30 Doors Open

1:05 Dani Darling

1:25 Christopher Tabaczynski Trio (Jazz Trio)

2:00 Pure Existence (Professional Contemporary Dance Company)

2:15 Says Things (Electroacoustic Music)

2:45 Beakes Duo (Cello Duet)

3:05 ickyboi (electronic instrumental)

3:40 Ben Rolston's Brāsfās (Jazz/Improvised Music)

4:25 Rosewood*

4:45 Broccoli (Performance Art)

5:05 saajtak (art rock)

5:35 Rose Carver (Bitter Devotional)

5:55 Grey Grant with Front Porch (Tree Transformation)

6:24 Theo Schear (Maniac)

6:28 Nicole Buccalo (Film, suicide)

6:50 Lockwood (Rock/Folk)

7:25 Ali Bey Quartet (R&B Funk)

8:10 Kultur Grenade - featuring Michael Gould and Stephen Rush (Silent Film and Music)

8:40 Lang Delancey (Poetry)

8:45 Emma Rodseth (Poetry)

8:55 -pf (attic folk)

9:30 Estar Cohen (Songwriter, Modern Jazz)



1:00 Doors Open

1:20 and again tomorrow (Dance Improvisation)

1:30 Dick Siegel w/ Dave Roof (Singer/songwriter)

1:52 Daz the Dandylion (Poet-tree)

2:00 Satan Face (Tsundere Music)*

2:30 Amanda Ross/Corey Smith (Willing Participant)

2:50 Julian Bridges (Short Film)

3:02 Natalie Grove

3:06 Sonny Dulphi (It's SOUL)

3:35 Luna Lemus-Bromley (offbeat commentator)

3:55 Aron Kaufman and the Dream Ensemble (Original World Beat Jazz)

4:30 Lena + Meri (Dance)

5:05 Malis/Patrick/Statin (Contemporary Improvised Music)

5:35 Hairbrained (Literary Zine)

5:45 Rebecca HH Rosen (Music)

6:15 Betsy Soukup & Nola Sporn Smith (Sound and Movement)

6:45 Ian Gold

7:15 Lang Delancey

7:30 The Stellars (rock legends or whatever)

8:00 JAK VISTA (Artist/Poet)

8:15 Louis Picasso & The Gallery (Explosive, Legend)

9:00 Madelyn Grant (Music)

9:30 Alec Hershman (Poetry)

9:45 Qween Louie (Funky-Soul)

10:30 - 1am: AFTER PARTY with Hiiigher Minds
                              at Corner Brewery
                    720 Norris St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

*Neutral Zone 2017 Battle of the Bands winners


Alec Redding (Photography)

Bailee Steinmetz (Crochet Sculptures)

Chris Hoobler (Illustrator)

El Chen (Community Art)

EH Sherman (Abstract Art)

Gisela McDaniel (Painter)

Hillary Butterworth

JAK VISTA (Artist/Poet)

Jeff Nickels (Designer)

Lauren Iverson (Photography)

Marisa Fulper (Visual Designer)

Matt Fields (Emulsion Paintings)

Melissa Kalfayan (Multimedia Artist)

Michael Gould

Middle West (Multimedia Landscapes)

Neil Beveridge

Nicole Cischke (Illustrator & Designer)

Peter Warner (Visual Artist)

Rachel Werthmann (Drawing and Printmaking)

Simon Alexander-Adams (Installation)

Simone Shemshedini (Illustrator)

Tanner Porter (Earthquake baby)

T.E. Fisher

katie raymond (Photography)

Thomas Dunn II (Motion Collage Artist)

Cam Giniel

Monsters of Washtenaw Avenue (Fiction Zinery)

CONNIEWU ART (Illustration)

Karl (Appliance Destroyer)