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An Interview with the Major II chord!

Karen Toomasian

Before the riveting interview, here are a few Threads 2018 updates: We are excited to be working with Taste the Local Difference to become a Certified Local Food Event. This means that food and drink vendors will source at least 20% of their ingredients from local, Michigan producers. [Food, Beer, Wine and Coffee].

Now what you have all been waiting for: a brief interview with Major II chord.

For the sake of clarity, the transcriber has put the names of chords in Bold.

THREADS: Wow, first of all let me just thank you for sitting down with us. I’m such a huge fan of your work.

II: No worries my cat. Glad to be here.

TH: Is it alright if I call you II [2, too, to]? Or would you prefer a pseudonym?

II: Yea II is cool. I used to play in a backing band and I was called V/V [five of five], but that was in the [18]70’s and I’ve moved on from that rag. V [five] and I are still cool though.

TH: So II, tell me about some of your biggest musical influences.

II: Well like everybody, it all started with I [one], for me. Dude really knew about tone and keeping it real. Nothing fancy, but it was stable, you know. Like I said before, I used to do support work for V. They really showed me how to tell a story, how to create tension, and how to give my stuff shape. I think that I learned my edge from Major III [3]. We were in the military together. Same rank and everything. After we got out we both made our way to early jazz and rag time and I got hip to what III was doing.

TH: That’s excellent. It seems like you’ve also been hopping around genres as well. Can you talk to me a bit about that?

II: Yeah, I’ve always been interested in all kinds of music. I was one of the early adopters of jazz music. I’ve been into rock and roll, rag time, bluegrass, old time, and I even toured with Willie Nelson’s country music. I was there for the bebop scene, but I was kind of lost in the crowd. There were a lot of cats there. I can play anything you please, as long as you give me a spot.

TH: That’s a pretty extensive list. Can you give us a taste of what you have been up to lately?

II: Sure! I mentioned before that I used to work with V a lot (as V/V). That’s sort of been an ongoing thing, although the contribution has been more equal this time. V and I usually roll together. I find we’re better as a duo, and we go best with I that way. I’ve also been trying to spice things up by including my b7 [flat seven]. I find it makes me a bit more dominant. What can I say? I just like to draw attention to myself I guess. I’ve also had the privilege of doing some underground work with major VI and even a secret project with minor iv, but I can’t say anything more about that.

TH: I look forward to hearing it! Again, thank you so much for sitting down and talking with us major II.

II: No worries! Have a good one.