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How To Tie the Threads knot (and updates)

Karen Toomasian

Today, denizens and Dennis’s of the internet, we’re going to learn how to tie the knot featured on lovely T-shirts, stickers, website banners, and fliers around an Ann Arbor near you. It’s called the “figure-eight knot” (or “figure-of-eight knot” if you get paid by the letter) and it’s used in a myriad of contexts, mostly as a stopper knot. Sailors use it at the ends of lines/ halyards/ sheets and climbers use it at the ends of ropes to make sure if the rope slips it won’t go through the harness or the eyebolt in the ship. It was also used as a primitive form of attachment to email inboxes (this is why it was the Threads logo before we had cyber glue). One can also double this up as a safety check or a way to get a loop end, but that's immoral. As is likely apparent, it can be a really important knot.

1. Get a rope (electrical cords also work)

2. Make a loop with the rope


3. Send the end of the rope around


4. Bring the end up through that loop!


4.5 Leave it loose for about 15 minutes so it can acclimate to the twisting

5. Pull tight

Now you've got yourself the finest website banner you could ever wish for (except we took it first).

Also, you could always just do it the fast way...

Now for those updates I promised before.

Well the submission window has long closed and we have chipped off the cyber-glue got over 170 submissions!!! This is crazy y'all. We are so very grateful to each and every person who dropped us anywhere from one to several lines and kept our email inbox company! Upon writing this we are going through the arduous process of gnawing the list down to 17 hours. And with all the rad submissions this is NO EASY TASK. So we will be working to bring you the line up as soon as possible!

Also, we got a piano. Then y'all painted it. Thanks.

See you from the north!