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335 West Ann Street
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Threads All Arts Festival


Revamp, Rethink, Restart The Blog

Karen Toomasian

Hey there internet folks!

It’s been a while since you have seen us here (almost a year in fact), so welcome (back) to the new blog! We have decided to restart our blog and prey that the battery hasn’t died from being left out in the Ann St. yard. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from us at the Threads All Arts Blog moving forward: updates on how we select acts/curate the festival, sneak peaks of some future Threads art, works from Threads 2016 artists, interviews with past/ future Threads homies, general silliness, secret codes, updates on events we are running or other related homies are running, recaps and feelings about some of these events, how-to’s, Arby’s secret menu items, and tidbits that arise as we (yes, that’s you all as well) attempt, against the odds, to birth Threads 2017!

And now for a brief update on where we are with the things, the many things: We are currently glued to our inbox (this was considerably easier before the internet, when just elmer’s glue worked, not this cyber glue) awaiting your (yes, you again) submissions for Threads 2017!!! We really want to see/hear/read/experience what you all are doing so please, please, please submit and tell your homies to submit as well. In addition to our attempts to physically affix ourselves to Gmail, we are planning some events and ways to pay for the festival, the cyber glue, and the space program (more on this later). Updates to come, we promise.

In terms of personnel (internal homies), spring and summer is a time of intense movement and excitement. Some of our ranks are on tour with the ineffable -pf, some of us are visiting family back home, some of us are camping, some of us continue to live outside of Ann Arbor, some of us are breeding ducks in the Solomon Islands, some of us are teaching, at least one of us is figuring out how to end a list this long, some of us are working on the Threads space program (Threads 2089 will be on Neptune), and some of us are holding down the fort working in Ann Arbor. Wherever we are, and whatever our occupations we will always be working sometimes in person, sometimes remotely (thanks cyber glue) to make Threads the incredible experience we know it  can be.

Genuinely glued to the internet (submit),