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Threads All Arts Festival


happy four-month-a-versary!

Karen Toomasian

today is a big day!!! kinda. we’re celebrating four months post-threads. this seems to be the way we’re measuring our days/weeks/months now--either, how long ago was threads, or how soon will it be.  thankfully…. we can answer BOTH of these questions now.  yes, threads was almost four months ago. so, how soon till the next one? 12 months.  that’s right folks, Fall 2017, threads is coming to you- or rather, we hope that you will come to threads.  
here’s some news:
we’re super stoked to have three additional thread-lings added to our team.  Ayal Subar, super slack liner, singer, sometimes-mumbles, swonderful to have around for many reasons.  Andrea Wilk, all around angel and also amazing at averything.  Julia Knowles, perpetually perfect + provides pastries and mastermind at organizing.

these three were a tremendous help in volunteer, tech and moral support for last years event, so it’s quite an honor to have them on board.  we continue to learn so much about

and here’s some more news:
as we continue to meet with potential donors, sponsors and each other to start making decisions about next years threads, we’d love to keep you updated as well! please join our mailing list (on our home page), find us on facebook, twitter, instagram if you haven’t already.  
the thing is, there’s so much art happening in ann arbor.  twelve months from now, even if we show you 1/100 of what exists here (always) we will be the happiest lil kiddos in the world.  we want to give you a chance to experience the freshness, creativeness, special and amazing art happening right here, right now.  threads is only as diverse as our team and our audience, so holler if you’ve got dreams, ideas or anything else! we’d love to hang with you.

With love,

The Threads Team

------all arts, all homegrown-----

hoping to find out more about the ann arbor art scene? here’s a super sweet blog to help make that happen.      Pulp: Arts Around Ann Arbor